Re-Imagining Lives: Inspiring Journeys of Former Students (Differently Abled Persons) from Various Centers/Institutes of Directorate General of Special Education, Islamabad

1)         Mr. Waleed Aziz                                                                                          


Waleed Aziz is a shining example of determination and achievement. As a past student of the National Special Education Centre for the Visually Impaired, he has overcome numerous challenges with remarkable success in both education and sports. He holds an M. Phil degree in Pakistan Study from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad.


Apart from his academic accomplishments, Waleed has made a mark in the Field of Archery. He won a Silver Medal in the on-line Italy Open Blind Archery Championship in 2021, showcasing his exceptional skills and fortitude.


Waleed’s story is a testament to the fact that disability is not a hindrance to success. Through his successful journey, he inspires others to break barriers and excel in their chosen pursuits.


2)         Mr. Umer Yaqoob                                                                                       



Umer Yaqoob, a former student of the National Special Education Centre for the Visually Impaired, has proven that detriment is not a limitation but a stepping stone to elevate in life. He is currently pursuing a Ph.D., building upon his M. Phil degree.


Umer has also ventured into the field of education as a lecturer at Government College University in Faisalabad. His unwavering commitment to the field of teaching and relentless pursuit for further knowledge, stand as inspirational model for individuals around him.


By means of remarkable achievement, Umer demonstrates that visual impairment does not limit one's ability to reach excellence.

3)         Ms. Noreen Khan                                                                                         



Noreen Khan, an alumna of Al-Farabi National Special Education Centre for Physically Handicapped Children (1985-1991), has triumphed in the field of law and advocacy.


She holds a BA, LLB, and LLM in Corporate Law. Noreen's expertise and commitment to her field have positively justified her recognition and the position of Assistant Legal Advisor (BPS-18) at Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal in Islamabad.


Noreen's journey speaks for the resilience and strength of individuals with physical confines, exhibiting their capacity to overcome obstacles and make significant contributions to society.


4)         Mr. Muhammad Imran


Muhammad Imran, an accomplished individual, has defied all odds to achieve academic excellence and make a significant impact in the field of education.


Imran completed his schooling at Al-Farabi National Special Education Centre for Physically Handicapped Children. He went on to earn a Master's degree in Human Resources Management & Services and a Master's in Public Administration (MPA) with a specialization in Business Administration & Management. Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. in Management Sciences.


Imran's teaching experience spans over 14 years, making him a seasoned lecturer at the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science & Technology in Islamabad.


His achievements and dedication motivate others to reach for their goals and overcome any challenges they may face.


5)         Ms. Nusrat Rehana                                                                                      


Nusrat Rehana is an exceptional individual who has not let physical challenges hamper her success. She pursued her education with willpower and passion, receiving a Master's degree in Science from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad.


Nusrat's journey began at the National Training Centre for Special Persons under the Directorate General of Special Education. She completed a one-year computer training course (1996), equipping her with valuable skills.


Currently, Nusrat serves as a Senior Program Producer at Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation (Radio Pakistan), since June 6th, 2006. Her commitment and achievements exemplify the incredible potential of individuals with diverse abilities.


6)         Mr. Abdul Rahim                                                                                        


Abdul Rahim, a past student of the National Training Centre for Special Persons, has done extremely well in the sport of badminton. His dedication and talent led him to participate in the National Special Olympics Games (18-20 September, 2022), where he emerged as a Gold Medalist.


Abdul Rahim's accomplishments prove that with dynamism and steadfastness, individuals with partial abilities can do better than expectations and achieve amazing feats in their chosen fields.

7)         Mr. Haroon Ejaz                                                                                          



Haroon Ejaz, a former student of the National Training Centre for Special Persons, has demonstrated his unique skills in the sport of table tennis. Through his perseverance and hard work, he secured a Gold Medal at the National Special Olympics Games (18-20 September, 2022).


Haroon's victory serves as a bright idea, showing that individuals with different abilities can outperform in sports and establish remarkable pathways for others to follow.


8)         Mr. Usama Tauqir                                                                                       



Usama Tauqir, a gifted past student of the National Training Centre for Special Persons, has established himself as one of the finest special cyclists in Pakistan. His outstanding talent and devotion were unveiled at the National Special Olympics: Pakistan Cycling Championships held in Lahore on August 29, 2022 where his exceptional performance secured him two Gold Medals in the 1 KM and 2 KM cycling races, solidifying his position as a top athlete in the country.


Usama Tauqir's story represents the potential of individuals with any limitations, to outclass in sports and achieve astonishing triumph.

9)         Mr. Muhammad Waleed                                                                             



Muhammad Waleed, another brilliant student from the National Training Centre for Special Persons, has made significant efforts to the world of special cycling in Pakistan. His participation in the National Special Olympics: Pakistan Cycling Championships held in Lahore on August 29, 2022, put his exceptional skills on show.


Muhammad Waleed's notable performance escorted him to win a Silver Medal in the 2 KM and a Bronze Medal in the 1 KM cycling race, further establishing his place as a distinguished athlete.


Muhammad Waleed's transformative voyage provides a powerful incentive to others, indicative of the fact that individuals with diverse abilities can overcome obstacles and realize their strengths in their preferred endeavors.

10)       Mr. Noman Asad                                                                                         



Noman Asad, a past student of the National Training Centre for Special Persons, has proven his mettle in the sport of badminton. His special skills and enthusiasm showed him the way to participate in the National Special Olympics Games held from September 18 to 20, 2022 where he secured a Silver Medal.


Noman Asad's accomplishments confirmed that with passion and strength of mind, differently abled persons can thrive in sports and manage to get hold of great results in life.

11)       Ms Ume Amama                                                                                                    


Ume Amama, an alumna of the Rehabilitation Centre for Children with Development Disorders, has etched her name in the history of special athletics in Pakistan. She achieved a significant milestone by winning a Gold Medal at the Summer Games of Special Persons in Athens in 2005.


Ume Amama's conquest story serves as a beacon of inspiration for others, illustrating that individuals with different abilities have the capacity to surpass conventional limits and obtain eminence on international platforms.

12)       Ms. Zahida Sultana                                                                                      


Zahida Sultana is a hearing impaired vocational teacher and faculty member with an incredible career spanning since 2005. Her adherence to serving at the National Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children under the Directorate General of Special Education has brought her reputable identification amongst her colleagues with numerous achievements.


Her commitment to professional development got her to attend various trainings in Japan, Jordan, and the USA. Her expertise and passion for teaching were acknowledged when she was nominated for the National Best Teacher Award introduced by the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training in 2016.


Zahida Sultana's story symbolizes the impact that dedicated educators can have-on the lives of individuals with distinguished abilities

13)       Mr. Syed Ali Raza Kazmi                                                                           


Syed Ali Raza Kazmi, an ex-student of the National Special Education Centre for Hearing Impaired Children, has showed great resilience and courage in his career. After completing his Higher Secondary School Certificate, he joined the team at KFC, F-6 Branch as a valuable team member. Recently, he has been selected as a staff member at Serena Hotel, Islamabad in the morning shift.


Syed Ali Raza Kazmi's eagerness for higher ambitions highlights the potential and capabilities of individuals with hearing impairment to succeed in the professional world.

14)       Mr. Qazi Rizwan Rashid Awan                                                                 




Qazi Rizwan Rashid Awan, a former student from the Al-Farabi National Special Education Centre for Physically Handicapped Children, has accomplished significant milestones in his educational and personal life.


His academic strive helped him deserve an MS/MBA degree from Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. During his schooling years, Qazi Rizwan Rashid Awan was well-known as the Most Cooperative Student of the Al-Farabi Special Education Centre in 2007. He also completed training for the Pakistan Boys Scout Organization in the same year. In 2010, he underwent leadership training at Telenor Pakistan.


Qazi Rizwan Rashid Awan's success narratives extend beyond academics, as he authored a book titled "Just Like the Other Kids" with the support of State Bank.


Furthermore, his professional experience includes working as a Principal and Director for three years, managing and overseeing three institutes up to the secondary school level. His story is evidence to the competence and achievements of individuals with physical limitations in various aspects of life.