Directorate General of Special Education (DGSE) Held Two Week Computer Training Course for the Visually Challenged Persons at National Mobility & Independence Training Centre (NMITC), a Subordinate Centre of DGSE.

At NMITC, its subordinate center, the Directorate General of Special Education organized a computer course for visually impaired students using the JAWS software. The course lasted for two weeks, from September 4 to September 15, 2023. The 31 visually challenged participants received instruction from renowned experts in the field and lectures on computer hardware and software before getting hands-on practice with the JAWS software. The computer training helped the visually impaired students develop their confidence and self-esteem by proving that their disability does not prevent them from interacting with technology and the digital world. Making them able to adjust to new software and technologies was beneficial for guaranteeing that participants could stay up with technological changes. The participants gained knowledge on how to alter the JAWS settings to better suit their tastes and needs. The distribution of certificates among the students marked the end of the course.