Future Plans

  1. To implement UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
  2. To conduct survey for Persons with disabilities in Islamabad Capital Territory.
  3. To start early detection/intervention services.
  4. Up-gradation of existing academic facilities.
  5. To start OPD services.
  6. To promote sports activities at National and International level.
  7. To escalate awareness about disabilities in the masses.
  8. Capacity building of all professionals at National and International level.
  9. To start publications / newsletters for general public.
  10. Establishment of alumni of Special Education Centers of DGSE.
  11. To conduct research.
  12. To promote Community based rehabilitation programs.
  13. To establish sale points for handicrafts prepared by the children with disabilities.
  14. To introduce barrier free environment for PWDs.