Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment of Disabled Persons


                        VREDP is a Non-Institutionalized Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) / Outreach program which is responsible for social, vocational, Economic empowerment and rehabilitation of PWDs through sensitizing dormant potential of the local communities. This project involves the people with disabilities themselves, their families and communities, as well as appropriate professionals for the rehabilitation of PWDs.  In the wake of 18th constitutional amendment the scope of work of VREDP has been confined within the jurisdiction of ICT.


            CBR is a strategy within community development where persons with disabilities are enabled to live a fulfilling life within their own community, making maximum use of local resources. It helps the community to become aware of its responsibility in enhancing the lives of persons with disabilities (PWDs) within their community.  In the process PWDs are also made aware of their own role and responsibility, as they are the part of community. 


  • To develop a national program of rehabilitation assistance to enhance economic and social functioning of disabled through mobilization of community resources. 
  • To establish a non-institutional community based rehabilitation program to reach a larger number of disabled persons in more cost-effective ways.
  • To increase the employment of disabled persons both male and female on suitable jobs through more adequate and relevant job training through active participation of business community by encouraging them for training and employment of the disabled persons.
  • To create awareness and motivate local communities to participate in the rehabilitation process of the disabled persons through seminars and workshops in collaboration with employers organizations.

Rehabilitation Services

  • Registration & assessment of PWDs.
  • Arrange Vocational Training/Skill Development within community.
  • Providing counseling & Guidance to PWDs and Parents.
  • Linkages development for income generation and employment opportunities in public & private establishments.
  • Awareness campaigns to sensitized local communities.
  • Provision of assistive devices through welfare agencies. 
  • Financial support with the help of welfare agencies and philanthropists. .
  • Referral services in respect of, health, education and other requisite social services. 

Working Strategy

  • Selection of Area.
  • Identification of NGO/CBO.
  • Briefing & orientation to NGO/CBO’s Representatives.
  • Selection of Volunteers.
  • Training of Volunteers.
  • Rehabilitation Work.



Direct Beneficiaries:     Gender: Male & Female disabled population.

                                       Age group: 14-45

Indirect Beneficiaries:  Children with disabilities/Families of PWDs/Communities comprising PWDs/

                                           Families of PWDs.


General Information

Director / Officer In charge

 Mr. Zafar Khan Khattak

Official landlines




Street # 7, H-8/4, Islamabad

Building Status

On share basis